Clear Lens Extraction And Replacement (CLEAR)

Presbyopia affects all of us beginning at around age 40, when our eye's natural lens grows more rigid and we lose the ability to focus at all distances, a term called accommodation. For this reason, if you are not a good candidate for LASIK you may be a good candidate for CLEAR. CLEAR surgery uses the same techniques we have perfected for state-of-the-art cataract surgery. The existing lens is gently removed and replaced with either a high-definition Monofocal lens or a Lifestyle Presbyopic Lens that may offer freedom from wearing glasses. Dr. Pit Gills will discuss this option with you if you are a candidate. For more detailed information on CLEAR click here.

CLEAR offers the following benefits:

  • Performance - Provides excellent quality of vision with predictable and stable results.
  • Simplicity - The lens is inserted through a micro incision. The lens is invisible and requires no maintenance.
  • Versatility - Corrects a wide range of nearsightedness and is removable, if necessary.
  • Predictability - Lens replacement surgery at St. Luke's is among the safest and most predictable surgeries in medicine today.
  • Biocompatibility - The lens is made from a soft, flexible lens material offering unparalleled biocompatibility.

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